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Patriotic Midi Favorites

Patriotic Midi Sites

  • Midis Galore A wonderful collection of patriotic midis. (While you are here look around and see what other goodies are being offered under different topics.)
  • The Midi Mirage — Patriotic Midis Visit this site and you will never believe the gold mine of hard to find midi files/categories you will find here.(Check it out!)
  • Music of the Civil War Era A combination of pictures and midi files of the Civil War Era. (Beautifully done site!)

Individual Midi Selections

76 Trombones
Air Force Hymn
Coast Guard March
American Patrol
Army Hymn
Ave Maria
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Coming to America
Green Beret Ballad
God Bless America
Hail to the Chief
Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye
King Cotton March
Liberty Bell March
Marine Hymn — (USMC)
My Country Tis of Thee
Patriotic Medley
(Sequenced by
Mark R. Weston)
TAPS (2)
Star Spangled Banner
(Sequenced by
Mark R. Weston)
Star Spangled Banner (2)
Semper Fidelis
Stars and Stripes Forever
Star Spangled Banner (3)
US Navy Hymn
Washington Post March
Washington Post March (2)
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Turkey in the Straw

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  • War of 1812-1814 — Visit this site and find a vast variety of informational resources!
  • Desert Storm — (info to come)
  • Vietnam War — (info to come)
  • World War I — (info to come)
  • World War II — (info to come)
  • More to come . . .

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General Interest

While researching for Veterans in CyberSpace, I had the honor to visit a group of sites which were specifically created with the war veteran in mind. Among the following selection you will not only find resources to help the war veteran survive in everyday life, but also pages which were created in memory of those that gave their lives for their country and to make it possible for you and I to be able to walk the streets without the fear of a bomb falling on us. Now . . . I would like to share my finding with you.
  • Selected War Poems for 1997A collection of Veterans' Day poems that I discovered in my travels by various authors!
  • War Poems of Siegfried Sassoon Much feeling and thought!
  • The Korean War Project A vast Korean War resource center. This site has so many features, I cannot list them here. (Take a surf over and visit! You will be overwhelmed!)
  • The Forgotten War — KoreaThis page is another overwhelming tribute to the Korean war. Bill Woll has honored veterans, both alive and dead! He has gathered an enormous amount of information and resources. (Another must visit site!)
  • Hunger of the Heart: Communion at the Wall Photographs by Larry Powell of the comings and goings at the Vietnam Memorial Wall. A beautiful job! A must visit!
  • Memorial Day — May 30 Here you will find a variety of Memorial Day resources put together by David Merchant. David has really out down himself on this site.
  • Sheryl's Holiday Site: Memorial Day Informative assortment of related Memorial Day links.
  • CyberGrandma's Memorial Day Page This page has a wonderful collection of Memorial Day links which are sorted by specific categories — Memorial and Casualty Files, MIA/POW's, Memorial Day Messages/Pages, Wars, and much much more. (A really nice page!)
  • Remembrance — Reflections, Memories, and Images of Vietnam Past "Remembrance" is a collection of “Galleries” containing imagery, stories, poems, songs, maps, and narratives from or about the Vietnam War era. There is also a “Glossary” of terms and slang used in this era and found in the writings throughout the Site. (This is only a brief synopsis of the site, it's a really must see adventure!)
  • How the U.S. Got Involved In Vietnam — by Jeff Drake Through intensive research and personal experience, Jeff writes an account of the “insanity” experienced during the Vietnam War. He shares the knowledge he found — How the U.S. initially got involved in Vietnam! — with other veterans and the world! He hopes with this account, people will begin to understand the incredible contradictions they experienced.

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Organizations, Defense, and
Government Resources

  • Veteran Net Veterans Helping Veterans! This site is an Employment and Resource SERVICE — A “one stop” Internet source for the purpose of “Serving All of Those Who Served.”
  • Sarge's Veteran and Retiree Links This site is one of the most comprehensive I have seen and is a great asset to any Veteran, Veteran's family or Veteran's friend &!151; or, someone like me, doing research for my own web page!) (While you are there look around at the other pages as I am sure you will enjoy your visit.)
  • The Military Woman Home Page This site relates to the military woman, both those that are active and those that are not. There is an abundant amount of information and help here that will be useful to many! There is even a place to ask for help, should you need it!

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Defense and Government Resources

  • Office Web Site of the United States Department of Defense Here you will find a multitude of informational DOD links and much more. If you need to find a governmental link, go here first. There will surely be a lead to it!
  • Department of Defense — Inspector General More related links on this page.
  • Vietnam Women's Memorial Project — A Legacy Of Healing and Hope — One former Army nurse, Diane Carlson Evans, sought to acknowledge the valiant women who served their country. Her vision was for the country to learn of and recognize these brave women by placing a statue honoring their service near the Wall and the statue of the three servicemen. Sustained by her respect for women who served, she founded the Vietnam Women's Memorial Project in 1984 and was joined by folds of others to accomplish the rightful tribute. Thank you Diane! (Visit this site and find out more, and learn about these brave women and their deeds of bravery!)
  • The U.S. House of Representatives Member Office Web Services A complete listing of the members of the House of Representatives for each seat. Each member has a complete bio and lots of pertinent useful information about your state and how to contact them.
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages Here you will find a vast number of useful resources for those who served in the Gulf. (Well done site. Should be visited by all!)
  • Gulf War Syndrome — Self Help GuideA complete resource center to help those that suffer from Gulf War Syndrome, families and friends of those who suffer or for those that are just interested to learn more. (I remember a time when this was not even acknowledged. How wonderful to have a site like this for people to go to for help)
  • Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America The Jewish War Veterans (JWV) of the USA, organized in 1896 by Jewish Veterans of the Civil War, is the oldest active national veterans' service organization in America. Among JWV's activities are: promoting legislation assisting veterans, sponsoring projects on Jewish communal concerns, support of Israel, advocacy for Soviet Jewry, and combating anti-Semitism. JWV is your voice on Capitol Hill. (Visit this site for a multitude of Jewish resource links. Something for everyone here!)
  • The American Legion The World's Largest Veteran's Organization. . . Read about the history of the organization, how to join, the various programs, and much much more! (Even has a 1997/1998 list of the department/state offices of the American Legion Association as well as a listing of important dates in the history of the American Legion.)
  • Disabled American Veterans — Call to Action! — Here is an introduction to the Disabled American Veterans Website. Follow the links on this site and you will receive an abundance of crucial information for disabled veterans and their families and friends.
  • Federal Government Agencies A master list of Federal Government Agencies which include not only military sites but everything from the White House to the Postal Service.
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