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Welcome . . .    My name is Roz Fruchtman.  I would like to take this opportunity to invite you in to join me in my personal tribute to our country's veterans. This site is my way of saying Thank You to all those men and woman who have selflessly given of themselves and their families and will continue to do so as they serve our United States of America in order for all of us to live in the safe and free democratic environment we have become accustomed.

Veteran's Day was formerly known as Armistice Day until 1954 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a bill to declare November 11 as the official date for Veterans Day to be celebrated — the day to honor all those who had served America in all her wars. From this time on it became a national holiday and was always celebrated on November 11 in the United States. This holiday, along with Memorial Day is set aside to honor our nation's military — past, present, and future.

We take so much of our freedom for granted. Most of us never really envision what it is like for the many human beings living in far off countries around the world, who do not have the luxury of ever going for a walk around the block, going to the local candy store to buy a newspaper, or perhaps just sitting on a park bench just breathing in the fresh air. We continue to enjoy these small privileges of freedom on a daily basis and hardly ever — if ever — give the alternatives a fleeting thought.

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Just watching the evening news on the television, or reading the headlines in the daily newspaper, should bring it all home to us — how so many millions of individuals living in other countries around the world, are being mistreated and deprived of what we should consider the luxury of freedom that every human being is entitled to — just for living on this earth. For this reason I am dedicating this site in thanks to those that have provided this for us — through the years — and for those that will continue to protect and serve our great country and their fellow men and women!

Many of you may have already visited our Memorial Day tribute Memorial Day in CyberSpace, our Remember Page We Remember, and our Memorial Day Poems — if not, and you have a little extra time, why not take a surf over! I think you will find it a memorable experience.

Researching the Memorial Day page led me on a path to a rude awakening. I am mortified to admit that I, like many Americans only thought of these patriotic holidays in a fleeting moment's recognition while getting ready for a day off from work, the contemplation of the beginning or end of a holiday season, or worst yet a holiday sale in my favorite store. I sincerely ask for forgiveness for this!

After working on these pages and visiting with veterans, family members, friends and others via Email my life will never be exactly the same again, nor will I ever view these patriotic holidays in the same way!

I made a lot of good friends through my Memorial Day site and also received a number of awards. That site received more interactive communication — both personal and through the Guestbook— than any one of my other sites to date!

I was/am honored to be a part of these holidays and to be able to give back just a small part of what was/is given to me/us daily!

If you wish to be a big part of this tribute, please take the candle below and insert it into your page. Link back to us. Join us and show your gratitude and remembrance to those who have/are fighting to keep our country free.

Freedom is NOT Free!

All are welcome, veterans, civilians, friends, family, or anyone who wants to remember someone, or to just light the candle in recognition of freedom!

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Join us, light a candle!  Copy the candle below, put it on your page and link back to this page in memory of a soldier, or perhaps a loved one that is no longer with you anymore!

To link back to us... Please "DO NOT" link to the candle image on this site. (That would be considered "Bandwidth Theft.") Copy the candle to "your own hard drive!"

Insert this code into your page... <a href="">We Remember!  Visit Veterans Day in CyberSpace and get your candle!</a>


In memory . . .
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Traditionally this holiday is customarily celebrated by parades, honor guards, speeches, wreaths being placed on the tombs of our unknown soldiers, etc. In CyberSpace our tributes can be anything we want them to be. In CyberSpace, we have been given the gift of flexibility, the freedom to do here what we cannot do in our traditional everyday worlds. Therefore, I will try and make this page contain something for everyone.

It is a little more difficult to make this page one of originality as it is so closely related to my Memorial Day site, Memorial Day in CyberSpace. Please forgive me for any repetition, however, I feel that repetition on these two pages can only bring the seriousness of the problems of our military home to us. Not all of these men and woman are celebrating, some are living in a hell of remembrance of what they saw and experienced during their mission. Some of them may never live normal lives as they had before either being drafted into service or enlisting to serve their country and fellow men and woman — to make this country what it is today — free for our children to come and go in.

These patriotic holidays have lots more meaning and are very real to those that are directly affected and have lost loved ones in the horrendous wars — whether by friendly or unfriendly fire! If it were not for the wars they would not have been there in the first place!

I will be gathering together memorabilia, resources, music, graphics, pictures where applicable, and more. If you have anything to contribute or know of an addition that would be appropriate please write me and I would be glad to review them and feature them in this page. I look forward to hearing from you.

God bless us all, and God bless America!


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