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Not only traditional Judaic holidays, but universal/traditional holidays within a Judaic theme.

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Jewish – Yiddish – Hebrew Midi Sites

  • The Israeli-Jewish-Yiddish-Hebrew-Folk-Cultural Music Midi Free Library(A wonderful selection of Jewish, Yiddish, and Hebrew Midis categorized by type, eg., dance (religious/folk/dance/klezmer/modern), occasion, holiday (Passover, Purim, Hanukkah), movies, plays, musicals, drama, and more. A wonderful place to visit!)
  • Jewish Music Central — Jewish Midi Music Page (A wonderful selection of Jewish midi files that can be downloaded for your personal listening pleasure. Each midi selection has a description of the songs history.)

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The Four Questions

I discovered something really interesting about the Four Questions.  Although they are the same four questions — as the Hagaddah cannot be rewritten — the way they are phrased is dependent on where you see them.  For example... I referenced a Hagaddah that I have here, and a friend and colleague had different ones.  Each of hers phrased the Four Questions differently.  With that said, I have included a few different links for your perusal.  Enjoy!

  • Kosher4Passover — Most interesting.  Visit this site to fine the Four Questions in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English.
  • Kosher4Passover — Find not only Hebrew, Yiddish, and English transliterations for the Four Questions, but transliterations for:
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The Hagaddahs

  • Passover with Aish - Why Do We Read the Haggada? — Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf explains the significance of the Haggadah and its place at the seder.
  • As Is The Darkness, So Is The Light — Rabbi Noach Orloweck relates a tale that illustrates the two underlying elements in the Haggadah, going from baseness to blessings.
  • Chabad-Lubavitch - The Haggadah — Covers the Passover Haggadah in four parts, from the beginning to the end of the seder.
  • Cyber Sedar - Passover Haggadah Images — Find a collection of Passover Haggadah covers to view and download. Includes links to related sites.
  • Growing Haggadah — Take a look at this unique version of the Passover Haggadah. Includes reviews of its content.
  • Hartman Institute Hagaddah — Take a look at The Family Participation Hagaddah with an introduction to Pesach. Includes reviews, games, storytelling, and chat rooms.
  • History of the Haggadah — Trace the development of the ritual text of prayers and poems to be recited during the Pesach seder.
  • Jerusalem Haggadah — Inspired by a Jerusalem family, this Haggadah serves as a contemporary heirloom, and is available from Aryeh Editions in Miami, Florida.
  • La Hagadá de Malbim — Spanish version offers an overview, some seder basics and six Maggid sections associated with the six verses which reveal the text's structure.
  • Like an Orange on a Seder Plate - Our Lesbian Haggadah — Download this unique Lesbian-centered Hagaddah to share the holiday of Passover with friends and family. Includes ordering information.
  • My First Haggadah — Washable, 12-page Haggadah is ideal for children, with soft covers and colorful pictures. View some sample pages, and phone for information.
  • Ohr Somayach Haggadah Supplement — Find out why the Torah calls Pesach Chag Hamatzos, why the Seder has 15 parts, and why there are four questions, cups and sons.
  • Parnes Haggadah — Enjoy this interpretation of the Passover Haggadah developed for over ten years. Includes a printer-friendly version.
  • Pesach - Aish — Describes all of the Haggadah components, also known as the "15 steps to freedom." View Seder discussion questions and house cleaning guidelines.
  • Prince of Egypt Family Haggadah — KosherSupermarket offers this family Haggadah that appeals to Jews from all backgrounds and ages. See ordering information.
  • Rheingold Family Haggadah — Provides a liberal Haggadah that celebrates freedom from oppression for all religious and political groups.
  • The Malbim Haggadah — Read an overview, some seder basics and six Maggid sections associated with the six verses which reveal the text's structure.
  • Uncle Eli's Haggadah — Find a special rhyming Haggadah for children of all ages. Includes prayer books for other holidays.
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