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gone but not forgotten

Welcome!  Come in and let's remember together, as we pay tribute to those who are Gone But Not Forgotten!  This is our third season in CyberSpace, and I hope, our most memorable. Memorial Day in CyberSpace and Veterans Day in CyberSpace have proven to be, two of the most important sites to date — in my Holidays in CyberSpace series. Both sites touch so many people, for so many reasons, that they have almost become a living, breathing entity — I say this with great pride, to be able to help!

It is with this same pride and honor, that I display the Award that Memorial Day in CyberSpace won for First Place in the 1999 Military Web Wars — Round 14. (A 10-day contest!)

First Place Award for Military Web Wars #14


Memorial Day in CyberSpace is a little less traditional in the fact that I honor everyone here, even those that are/were not war heroes. Memorial Day is a day when families, friends, colleagues remember those that have passed on. It is just another time to remember and pay tribute. Memorial Day, formerly known as Decoration Day is a legal holiday which is celebrated the last Monday in May in most of the United States. The holiday's main meaning is to honor the nation's armed services personnel who were killed in war time. Memorial Day has different meaning to different people. Traditionally the day is marked by parades, memorial speeches, ceremonies, and as the beginning of the summer holidays. Memorial Day was first observed on May 30, 1868 for the purpose of decorating the graves of those killed in the American Civil War.

Here at Memorial Day in CyberSpace we are going to honor all those soldiers who have served us in the past, are serving us in the present, and will serve us in the future. These men and women have given of themselves for the protection of their fellow neighbors. They deserve celebration every day of the year but unfortunately that is not the case. So, with this in mind, I hope to create a site of recognition in their honor.

We should also pay tribute to those great Americans who have served their country, cities, states, and humanity — police, firefighters, members of emergency rescue services, members of our governmental offices, entertainers, astronauts, and anyone else who has passed on and served humanity for the good of our great nation! All these people are the heroes of our times. We don't give it much thought when these people are making us happy or helping us — we just enjoy and accept, and expect! Now it's time to give back for that enjoyment and help. It's time to pay tribute! Memorial Day should not be selective. Everyone should be/deserves to be remembered!

This year we have yet another tragedy to pay tribute to, and thousands to mourn.  Being a New Yorker, this is very personal to me.  Below is a tribute that I wrote months ago, and would like to display here in the space of honor.

In Tribute and Memory...

of the 911 World Trade Center Disaster,
the attack on our nation's capitol,
and those that lost their lives in a field in Pennsylvania

This Memorial Day is no different, but this time the entire country and civilization mourns with those who had their loved ones suddenly ripped away from them on that sunny morning in September — September 11, 2001, now know as 911.

This year Memorial Day means so much more to us... everything does, because... Once again our safety and freedom have been challenged and threatened.  We have been physically attacked and violated — and our boys and girls are still off defending and protecting us as I write this.  In fact, some are here protecting us in New York City and around the country — where the violation, devastation, and loss of life was even greater.  This year as I update this site tears of pain and anger splash down on my keyboard as I type.  Before... this site was created in recognition and as a tribute to those that had fought and protected us — a way to give back and show how grateful we are — now it is not only a tribute to those of yesterday, but it is a tribute to those of today, who are off in Afghanistan fighting to defend our safety, freedom, and not only our peace, but our peace of mind.  The year 2001 brought us a new and unfamiliar way of life.  The days before September 11, 2001 are a thing of the past, a way of life, we will never live again, but one that will live on in our hearts and minds as we continue on with our lives as normally as we can.

Who would have ever imagined — even in their wildest dreams or nightmares — that Memorial Day 2002 would find us back at war?  Those who would have been here celebrating with us are either dead or off at war protecting the country that they/we all love so much — our great United States of America

AS AN ASIDE:  A few days after the attack on the World Trade Center, in order for me to give something back — how small it seems in comparison to what others gave — and to get me through the early feelings of shock, pain, and devastation I put together this small tribute of greeting cards.  Please visit and show you care and send someone a 911 tribute card — as we remember our lost loved ones, and fellow Americans.  Let's show we won't ever forget those that died, as their memory lives on in all of us, and they did not die in vain.


This site will remain up indefinitely and
will be added to from time to time, as. . . Everyday is Memorial Day!

I will be gathering together memorabilia, resources, music, graphics, pictures where applicable, and more. If you have anything to contribute or know of an addition that would be appropriate please write me and I would be glad to review them and feature them in this page. I look forward to hearing from you.

NOTE: When I started this page I had no idea the difficulty with which it would be created. Just visiting the sites and feeling the pain with which some of them were created brings back to mind the heartache still felt by the families of those that did not come back. Please say a prayer for them now!

Better yet, light a candle!  Copy the candle below, put it on your page and link back to this page in memory of a soldier, or perhaps a loved one that is no longer with you anymore!

To link back to this page use the code below: If you send me your URL I would be happy to include you on our Memorial Day — We Remember Page/List!

<a href="">We Remember!
Visit Memorial Day in CyberSpace and get your candle!</a>


In memory . . .

God bless us all, and God bless America!



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Sergeant Major Award

This award means a great deal to me as an American.
It was given to me by a Veteran who felt that my pages displayed a
patriotism that deserved recognition. I am glad that I was able to
reflect the strong feelings that I have toward my country and
my fellow man and the gratefulness I feel for what they have done to
keep our country free and democratic. Thank you Bud, I am honored to display it.

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