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Hanukkah eCards
— Festival of Lights

Memories are created in a moment. Start creating yours with those you care about today!
Graphics Schmaphics Exclusive Judaic Greetings

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Feast of Dedication
Festival of Lights

Hanukkah begins at “sundown” on Friday December 11, 2009 / 5770

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Graphic image of NEW Graphics Schmaphics Judaic CD -- all new, all original Judaic ClickArt graphic images.

I am excited to announce our upcoming Judaic graphics CD with all new,
all original Judaic ClipArt images by RozClick on the CD image to read more about its contents.
Click here to sign up for the announcement list — to be notified when the CD will be released.

Things have sure changed since I created my very first Jewish Holiday website, Passover in Cyberspace. It was very disappointing and disillusioning to find that there was very little out there in the way of Jewish clip art or design sites. Since then, there have been a number of very talented people who have created sites to fill the need for Jewish graphics. I would like to think that I have gathered the best sites of what I have found so far. (If you have a site or know of one that should be added to this list, please write me and I will review it and then add it here.)

In addition, I have created my own — (Jewish) Graphics Schmaphics Jewish holiday and all occasion Jewish graphics designs. Graphics Schmaphics offers an assortment of Jewish graphics that can be used for all your Jewish Holiday website celebrations as well as all your Jewish occasion needs. At this time, I have approximately 11 pages of graphics and designs which include full backgrounds, left border backgrounds, buttons, rules, and more. Please provide a link back to the page that you take the graphic from. Click on the banner below and you will be brought directly to my (Jewish) Graphics Schmaphics site! Be sure to come back and check out the other graphic sites that I have listed below. It would be a shame to miss out on even one of the other talented people listed below.

(jewish) graphics schmaphics logo graphic

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Greeting Cards

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For unique Hanukkah eGreetings... please visit our sponsor.  You will not only find cards for
all traditional Judaic holidays, events and occasions, but... universal as well... with a “Judaic theme.”

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