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Hanukkah eCards
— Festival of Lights

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Feast of Dedication
Festival of Lights

Hanukkah begins at “sundown” on Friday December 11, 2009 / 5770

Hanukkah, which means dedication in Hebrew is known as the Feast of Dedication as well as the more commonly referred to name of Festival of Lights begins on the 25th day of Kisley, which is approximately November-December on a conventional calendar. The holiday, commemorates the Maccabees' 165 B.C.E. victory over the Antiochus of Syria.

Hanukkah lasts for eight days and is symbolized by the lighting of the nine candle menorah. The longer middle candle, known as the shamash is used to light the other eight candles. The first night the shamash is lit and used to light the first candle on the menorah; the second night the shamash is lit and used to light candles one and two on the menorah; the third night the shamash is lit and used to light candles one through three on the menorah. The tradition continues until there are eight candles lit at the same time, plus the shamash. The menorah is placed near the window so that the candles may be seen from the street. In Israel menorahs are lit through the city and all lights throughout the city are kept on during the eight day celebration. A game called dreidel is also a game traditional of Hanukkah.

Unlike Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur, Hanukkah is considered a happy, fun-filled holiday and a favorite among children! On each of the eight days, a small gift is given. Among other little gifts the children receive little gifts of money called Hanukkah gelt.

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Online Bookstores

For your convenience I have added a list of my favorite online bookstores, should you wish to visit and purchase a book relating to Thanksgiving. I am sure that these bookstores will be very helpful. I have personally dealt with most of them and found them very attentive with good customer service. (These bookstores also carry a variety of other subjects — many at discounted prices which I have tried to list for you to the best of my knowledge at the time of this writing.)
  • Amazon — A wonderful assortment of Hanukkah books, music, and specialty items.  They are also generally 20% discounted unless there is a special and then the discount can be as high as 40%.
  • — Hundreds of Hanukkah books here for the picking.  Find the perfect gifts for those special people in your life!
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Some of the resources on this page need RealAudio to listen to them. Click on the link and download a free version of RealAudio. It installs easily and seems to work well. (I downloaded it and installed it earlier!)
  • The Book of Maccabees on the Chanukah Story — Gates to Jewish Heritage by David P. Lipman presents the Book of Maccabees. The book was meant to be a religious text, not a history book. It didn't make it into the Jewish canon, but it does provide us with some insights about the events surrounding the Hasmonean Revolt. (Excellent historical information!)
  • Hasmonean Revolt — The Hasmonean Revolt (The Chanukah Story) celebrates an historical event. In 165 B.C.E., A group of Jews successfully rebelled against the Seleucid King Antiochus. (Visit this page to read on and get the rest of the story!)
  • A Chanukah Guide — The Chanukah lights should be kindled at nightfall on each of the eight nights of Chanukah. Visit this site and find a brief, step-by-step guide to Chanukah observance. (A must visit site!)
  • Hanukkah Blessings for Lighting the Menorah — Visit this site and listen to the blessings(in RealAudio) while reading them on your screen! Additional prayers can be found here as well! (A wonderful reference site!)
  • Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights
  • Hallmark Seasons and Reasons — Hanukkah — Learn how Hanukkah originated and the traditions that followed
  • Hanukkah — Celebrate the Festival of Lights — Over the eight days of Hanukkah, they will be celebrating right there on the Sympatico site. — They'll bring you a different Hanukkah recipe, activity, song, or story each day.
  • Festival of Lights Worldwide — Celebrate and learn all about Hanukkah all around the world; play Cyber Dreidel; Learn how and when to light the menorah; Learn how to make potato latkes and much, much more; See and hear a VIDEO EXCERPT of an internationally televised public Chanukah address by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson on the First Night of Chanukah, 5752 (1991)
  • Your Hanukkah Guide — Lots of informative links, traditions, and information. This Chanukah Guide is designed to provide the practical details as well as some insights into the "inner dimension" of Chanukah observance.
  • The On-Line Menorah — Lots of good resource links on this page. (The illusion of the Menorah's candles burning gives one a warm feeling.)
  • Torah Mailing Lists — List of related ListServ Discussion Groups with instructions on joining.
  • Genesis Judaica — The world's most convenient Jewish bookstore! — Genesis Judaica carries a complete line of Chanukah items such as Books (below), Menorahs, Candles, Oil & Wicks, Dreidels & Gifts, Tapes & Videos, and more! Browse and order now! All books at least 5% off. (Certainly worth a visit!)
  • The Story of Chanukah Under Syrian Rule — This site is provided by American Friends of Lubavitch and tells the in-depth story!
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